PT. Eastern Pearl Flour Mills, a multinational wheat flour mill at the forefront of sustainability with its revolutionary Portable Membrane Reactor Tank (PMRT) system. Faced with challenges like limited land for expansive installations and soaring operational costs, they sought a game-changing solution.

Today, their adoption of the PMRT system has transformed their operations. Water consumption per unit of product has plummeted, unlocking significant efficiencies. Moreover, their groundbreaking approach has led to a dramatic reduction in wastewater discharge, fostering a positive ripple effect throughout the local ecosystem. But the benefits don't end there. PT. Eastern Pearl Flour Mills has also reaped substantial savings on water bills, slashing costs by up to 23%. With innovation driving their sustainability efforts, they're not just making strides in business efficiency – they're pioneering a brighter, greener future for all.

The system's effectiveness in recycling wastewater has not only reduced our environmental impact but has also led to significant cost savings. With PMRT, we've managed to minimize water consumption per unit of product, demonstrating our commitment to responsible resource management. Furthermore, the substantial decrease in wastewater discharge has had a positive ripple effect on the local ecosystem, aligning perfectly with our environmental stewardship goals. PMRT has proven to be a valuable asset in our journey towards a more sustainable future, and we're proud to have embraced this innovative solution." - [Mr. Naim Hamid, Manager HSE, PT. Eastern Pearl Flour Mills]

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