Water is a crucial requirement for living creatures to survive. This is why homeowners need to ensure that we have to secure clean water supply. Managing water in different forms is one of the essential components of maintaining the operations of business establishments.

No Blue, No Green. No Water, No Life.

Company Profile

By using our services, our customers can save up to 50 % their water bills. Furthermore, the company will have added value in term of reducing environmental pollution and carbon emissions. Our customers group are industry, hotels / apartments, office buildings, hospitals, shopping centers and residential areas.

“We providing Smart Water System for Sustainability Environment

Enterprise Impact Story

Impact in Numbers

+ 7.108

People Serving

+ 37 %

Water bill saving

+ 3 River

Protect Ecosystem

+ 1.600


Waste Recycling

+ 231.695


Ground Water Saving

+ 307.403


carbon emission reduction

Product & Services

Our service covers consultation, training, certification, assessment, design, assembly / manufacture and installation of waste water treatment plants.

We offer a customize device of water & waste water treatment plants (Manufacturing and Installation Services) and contracts for processing wastewater into clean water with a rental system (Build, Operate and Transfer / BOT Service).

Project List

Our Values

The Special Offer

We will lend our technology to treat customer's wastewater. Customer do not need to spend a large investment to buy our technology because we have prepared everything needed starting from equipment, operators, maintenance and repair of installation and water treatment management systems.

-Just Pay The Water-

SWAT (Smart Water System)

We developed the SWAT Apps as our integrated service with Internet of Things (IoT) technology so we can directly control the volume and quality of the water produced in real time. Water treatment system can be designed automatically so it can save operational costs.

Our Values
Water Management System

Water Management System

  • Data Entry / IoT Sensor (Volume, Water System Indicator, etc.)
  • Data Analysis & Report (Dashboard Monitoring)
  • Water Quality Control (Early Warning System)
  • Consumable Management Control (Chemical Dosing / Water Filtration)
  • Water Balance Scored & Tracking System (Utility Management)
  • Recovery & Sustainability Performance
  • Energy Control System
  • Operator Evaluation Report
  • Regulatory Compliance

The Business Process


Procurement spare part / component, assembly device & installation, quality control system.

Problem Identification

Analysis sample, user requirements, gap reality, etc.

Primary Assessment

Water resources, quality & quantity, site condition, infrastructure, etc.

Operating & Maintanance

Our team operate, monitor, evaluate the installation performance.

Commissioning & Training

Equipment installation on site, training operator and other stake holders.

Solution Offering

Design system, execution methode, approval term & condition of contract.

Customer List

This is a collection of work that has been completed with several clients and they are very satisfied with the results we have provided

"PUFFER Mobile: A Beacon of Hope in Palu’s DISASTER“ (2019)

Palu's 2019 disaster, PUFFER Mobile emerged as a lifeline for the affected community. With swift action and unwavering compassion, they navigated through the rubble, delivering essential supplies and medical aid to those in need. Beyond tangible assistance, PUFFER Mobile brought a ray of hope and unity to the shattered community, reminding them they were not alone. Their dedication to serving the most vulnerable inspired resilience amidst adversity. As Palu began its journey of recovery, PUFFER Mobile remained a steadfast ally, symbolizing the power of solidarity and compassion in times of crisis.



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