PT. Sefactor Deos Maks

Pt. Sefactor Deos Maks is a water treatment and wastewater treatment company in hospitals, institutions, industries, hotels, offices, and others. And has been established since 2017 has been trusted to carry out various projects and equipment procurement for a number of private and government agencies.

435/5000 We are a water treatment and wastewater treatment company that has collaborated with several ministries (Ministry of Research and Technology and the Ministry of Industry) in developing water treatment technologies for local, commercial, industrial / corporate and several regions. The system that we have developed includes a new system design, capacity, disposal treatment or sea water desalination according to your needs.

Our company is supported by experts who are experienced in their fields to ensure that the system is designed in accordance with customer needs, in addition to providing good service, we also always guarantee the quality of the work or equipment that we provide to each customer.