Clean Water Treatment

Changing raw water (brackish, river, sea) into clean water.

Dringking Water Treatment

Turning raw water (brackish, river, sea, tap) into drinking water.

Wastewater Treatment

Treat wastewater into a ready-made or dumped directly into the river.

Dringking Water

The drinking water treatment that we provide can be in the form of RO (Reverse Osmosis) or Ultra Filtration, adjusting to the conditions of the raw water that will be used so that the cost and ability of the machine can be maximized.

Hybride Water Treatment
(Drinking & Clean Water)

Clean water and drinking water in one package (Hybride) is a system that produces drinking water and clean water in one portable machine with a minimized size so that it is easy to operate, this system produces drinking water and clean water that is ready to be used directly. the system is also adapted to the water that will be processed into drinking water and clean water so that the system can run maximally and the results of the system are also optimal.

Domestic Wastewater

The sewage treatment system that we provide is a system that can reduce waste COD and BOD as well as purify wastewater so that it complies with the requirements for river disposal or reuse. The system we offer can also be negotiated the shape and design adjusts to the area that will be used as a waste treatment site.

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